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List of all Genshin Characters

Looking for a List of all Genshin Characters? Dive into our meticulously curated guide, offering a detailed roster of characters from Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru. Uncover each character’s unique abilities, elemental affinities, and weapon preferences, and assemble the perfect party for your Genshin Impact adventure. Explore Teyvat’s diverse landscapes and embark on an epic journey with our comprehensive Genshin Impact character list.

Genshin Impact Characters

Explore the enchanting world of Genshin Impact characters, each with distinct traits like name, rarity, vision, weapon, and type. Unleash their powers in various locations as you assemble a formidable team to conquer the challenges of Teyvat.

Albedo 5* Geo Sword SupportMondstadt
Alhaitham 5* Dendro Sword DPSSumeru
Aloy 5* Cryo Bow SupportPlaystation Collaboration
Amber 4* Pyro Bow SupportMondstadt
Arataki Itto 5* Geo Claymore DPSInazuma
Barbara 4* Hydro Catalyst SupportMondstadt
Beidou 4* Electro Claymore BothLiyue
Bennett 4* Pyro Sword SupportMondstadt
Chongyun 4* Cryo Claymore SupportLiyue
Cyno 5* Electro Polearm DPSSumeru
Dehya 5* Pyro Claymore SupportSumeru
Diluc 5* Pyro Claymore DPSMondstadt
Diona 4* Cryo Bow SupportMondstadt
Eula 5* Cryo Claymore DPSMondstadt
Fischl 4* Electro Bow SupportMondstadt
Ganyu 5* Cryo Bow DPSLiyue
Gorou 4* Geo Bow SupportInazuma
Hu Tao 5* Pyro Polearm DPSLiyue
Jean 5* Anemo Sword SupportMondstadt
Kaedehara Kazuha 5* Anemo Sword SupportInazuma
Kaeya 4* Cryo Sword SupportMondstadt
Kamisato Ayaka 5* Cryo Sword DPSInazuma
Kamisato Ayato 5* Hydro Sword DPSInazuma
Keqing 5* Electro Sword DPSLiyue
Klee 5* Pyro Catalyst DPSMondstadt
Kujou Sara 4* Electro Bow SupportInazuma
Lisa 4* Electro Catalyst BothMondstadt
Mona 5* Hydro Catalyst SupportMondstadt
Nahida 5* Dendro Catalyst SupportSumeru
Ningguang 4* Geo Catalyst BothLiyue
Noelle 4* Geo Claymore SupportMondstadt
Qiqi 5* Cryo Sword SupportLiyue
Raiden Shogun 5* Electro Polearm SupportInazuma
Razor 4* Electro Claymore DPSMondstadt
Rosaria 4* Cryo Polearm SupportMondstadt
Sangonomiya Kokomi 5* Hydro Catalyst SupportInazuma
Sayu 4* Anemo Claymore SupportInazuma
Shenhe 5* Cryo Polearm SupportLiyue
Shikanoin Heizou 4* Anemo Catalyst DPSInazuma
Sucrose 4* Anemo Catalyst SupportMondstadt
Tartaglia Childe 5* Hydro Bow DPSLiyue / Snezhnaya
Thoma 4* Pyro Polearm SupportInazuma
Tighnari 5* Dendro Bow DPSSumeru
Venti 5* Anemo Bow SupportMondstadt
Xiangling 4* Pyro Polearm SupportLiyue
Xiao 5* Anemo Polearm DPSLiyue
Xingqiu 4* Hydro Sword SupportLiyue
Xinyan 4* Pyro Claymore SupportLiyue
Yae Miko 5* Electro Catalyst BothInazuma
Yan Fei 4* Pyro Catalyst DPSLiyue
Yaoyao 4* Dendro Polearm SupportLiyue
Yelan 5* Hydro Bow SupportLiyue
Yoimiya 5* Pyro Bow DPSInazuma
Yun Jin 4* Geo Polearm SupportLiyue
Zhongli 5* Geo Polearm SupportLiyue

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